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Safety Song and QR Code iD System for Autism

Keeping our kids safe is a top priority for both parents and professionals. We’ve created the Safety Plan song that teaches students what to do if they get lost. In addition, we had an opportunity to interview Erin Wilson, devoted mom to a son with autism and Founder of QR Code iD. Erin and her husband have made child safety a priority through this innovative use of QR codes and are offering a 20% discount on QR Code iD products for our readers!

Safety Song for Individuals with Autism and other Special Needs

The “Safety Plan” song was developed by Michelle Lazar, MA, MT-BC, Autism Specialist/Music Therapist, Jeremy Jensen, PsyD, MT-BC, Psychologist/Music Therapist, and Veronica May, MT-BC, Music Therapist. This song is included in the Skills for Life download bundle which includes five music therapy song lessons with MP3s, eBooks, videos, and more.

By setting safety rules and instructions to music, students have a greater opportunity of memorizing this important information.  Individuals can even role play each lyric while listening to the safety song. Key lyrics in the song include:

  • Wait and listen with my ears, if I hear my name, shout “Over here!”
  • If I still can’t find someone I know, find an adult and that’s where I’ll go.  Like a store worker, cashier, or police officer.
  • Say “I’m lost can you help me out?”
  • Get ready to show them my ID or say my phone number nice and slowly.

QR Code iD Safety System and Special Discount!

Receive 20% off your purchase at the QR Code iD online store by entering the code Tuned in 20. Offer good through 12/31/13.

QR Code iD bridges communications gaps through a simple yet powerful tool, the QR Code. QR codes are unique graphic codes that once scanned by a smartphone or tablet, direct users to a specific page on the Internet. QR Code iD applies this technology to individual users, and issues a special QR Code for each person enrolled on the Web site.

This unique code can be printed on clothing or badges that can be affixed to almost anything.  QR Code iD also makes it easy for people that don’t have a QR reader by giving the finder easy access to the users Internet page by manually going to the website and entering the found individuals unique number.

Founder Erin Wilson’s story…

Our enthusiastic son Jay has Autism.  His language and social skills are low.  He has been lost a couple times in the past, once at school and the other time with his camp at California Adventure.  Thankfully, each time he was found quickly but this was very upsetting for us to hear about knowing that Jay does not have the ability to ask for help and clearly provide contact info.  

Now he wears QR Code iD all the time printed on his shirts.  Across the top it says in bright red “If I Need Help” to alert people that he may need assistance.  The code can be scanned by a QR reader on a smartphone or the unique number beside the code can be entered into the site to view the profile.  The info in the profile can be changed in real time.  For example, the day Jay was at California Adventure his aide and the counselor could have been entered as the contacts.

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