Preview songs on this volume

1   Say Hello
2   Get it, Grab It
3   Sing Along with Me
4   Move Your Hands
5   The Passing Song
6   The Echo Blues
7   Hey Girls, Hey Boys
8   Look Over Here
9   Ready, Set…
10   Old MacDonald

Volume 8- Skill Building for Students with Multiple Disabilities CD

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Suggested Age Range: Children & Young Adults

What’s Included?

1. Music CD with 10 original songs

2. Full color insert with song lyrics, sample IEP objectives, instruction and activities for each song, and a research overview section

This volume of Tuned in to Learning was designed for students with orthopedic impairments such as cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and related disorders.

Different than typical recordings, these specialized songs include 10-30 seconds of response time after each instruction to accommodate for processing delays.

Skills addressed include cause & effect, visual tracking, augmentative communication, turn taking, grasp & release, functional motor skills, instrument play, and tactile exploration.

*Note that in order for students to fully participate, selected songs are designed to be used in conjunction with basic rhythm instruments or a voice output device such as a BigMack® switch.