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1   Funny Faces
2   Move Your Mouth
3   Sounds All Around
4   The Whistle Song
5   The Silliest Song
6   Animal Song
7   What's the World
8   Yes or No
9   What Do You See?
10   When I Want

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Volume 7- Emerging Speech & Oral Motor Skills CD/CD-ROM Set

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Suggested Age Range: 2-8

What’s Included?

1. Music CD with 10 original songs and 7 Adapt-a-Song versions, allowing you to modify songs once students have mastered the initial content.

2. Full color insert with song lyrics, sample IEP objectives, 4-Step teaching hierarchy, and a special research section contributed by Dr. Michael H. Thaut, Professor of Music & Neuroscience at Colorado State University

3. CD-ROM with printable flashcards, lessons plans, data sheets, adaptations for students at varying functioning levels, and icons for use on visual schedules

Liven up learning with these upbeat songs designed to teach special learners the fundamentals of speech. Because many children show a strength in singing even before they are able to speak, music offers an alternate path to communication for individuals with autism, apraxia, Down syndrome, and other developmental disabilities.

Each motivating tune contains simple instructions followed by plenty of response time for children to imitate each target sound, word, sign, or oral motor movement.

Skills addressed include word imitation, sign language, yes & no, breath control, requesting, phrase length, object labeling, oral motor skills, and vocal imitation.