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1   Body Parts
2   Functions
3   The Give Me Song
4   Do This
5   Me Oh My
6   Point, Point, Point
7   Put with Same
8   Same & Different
9   Show Me
10   What is This?

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Volume 6- Discrete Trial Teaching & Learning Readiness CD/CD-ROM Set

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Suggested Age Range: 2-10

What’s Included?

1. Music CD with 10 original songs and 7 Adapt-a-Song versions, allowing you to modify songs once students have mastered the initial content.

2. Full color insert with song lyrics, sample IEP objectives, 4-Step teaching hierarchy, and applied behavior analysis resources

3. CD-ROM with printable flashcards, lessons plans, data sheets, adaptations for students at varying functioning levels, and icons for use on visual schedules

Each motivating tune contains simple instructions such as “Point to ___.”, “Give me ____.”, “Do this.”, “Touch____.”, or “Show me _____.” followed by extended response time for children to get hands-on practice.

This unique program offers a fun way for instructors to liven up learning for students with autism who often require multiple practice opportunities to lock in these foundational concepts.

To learn more about the connection between music and autism Click here.