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1   Money, Money
2   Letter Hunt
3   Letter Sounds
4   Numbers Man
5   Counting up to 30
6   Counting by Fives
7   Counting Numbers
8   Math Whiz
9   This Little Clock
10   Days of the Week

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Volume 5- Academic Skills Book & CD Set

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Suggested Age Range: 5-14

What’s Included?

1. Music CD with 10 original songs and 10 Adapt-a-Song versions, allowing you to modify songs once students have mastered the initial content.

2. Full color 146 page Learn-Along Book featuring engaging photos and large print lyrics for students to follow along with:

>>Lesson Plans
>>Sample IEP Objectives
>>Adaptations for students at varying functioning levels
>>4-Step Teaching Hierarchy

Each targeted academic skill is paired with an easy to remember song that is entertaining for a variety of ages, making it fun for students to learn foundational math and literacy skills. Goal areas targeted include coin identification, letter and number identification, rote counting, one to one correspondence, time telling to the quarter hour, single digit addition, and more!

Looking for bonus content for Volume 5 including the book in downloadable format, song icons, and flashcards/worksheets?  Check out the Volume 5 Companion CD-ROM here.