Volume 1- Social Skills & Pragmatics DVD

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Volume 1: Social Skills DVD

5 catchy songs presented in video format including interactive student quizzes to test for comprehension. To listen to song samples of the Volume 1 Social Skills DVD, visit the Volume 1 Book/CD page here.

  1. The Expression on My Face
  2. Body Check
  3. Super Student
  4. Body Talk
  5. Rules of Conversation


• 5 songs from the Volume 1 music CD are presented in slideshow video format, allowing students additional time to focus in on the facial expressions, body gestures, and behavioral examples modeled in each vibrant photograph displayed on the screen.

To test for comprehension, a quiz is given at the end of each video, requiring students to respond to questions about each target skill area.

• An 8 page full color booklet provides a detailed instructional hierarchy, sample educational objectives, and song lyrics.

Note: this DVD does not contain the How-To instructional video included on the DVD in the Complete Kit.