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1   Getting to Know Someone
2   Expression on My Face
3   Look at Your Neighbor
4   Body Check
5   Compliments
6   Super Student
7   Body Talk
8   Rules of Conversation
9   Pass it Along
10   Follow The Leader

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Volume 1- Social Skills & Pragmatics Book & CD Set

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Suggested Age Range: 3-12


1. Music CD with 10 original songs and 7 Adapt-a-Song versions, allowing you to modify songs once students have mastered the initial content.

2. Full color 104 page Learn-Along Book featuring real-life photos and large print social scripts for students to follow along with:

>>Activities & Adaptations
>>Sample IEP Objectives
>>Step by Step Teaching Hierarchy
>>Checklists for students to use throughout the week

Each targeted social skill or script is paired with an easy to remember song that is entertaining for a variety of ages, making it fun for students with autism and other special needs to learn eye contact, emotions, conversation, body language, turn-taking, greetings, compliments, imitation, and self-regulation.

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Looking for bonus content for Volume 1 including the book in downloadable format, song icons, and flashcards/worksheets?  Check out the Volume 1 Companion CD-ROM here.