Play It: Social Language Song - Tuned in to Learning | Music for Special Education

New “Play It” Social Language Song

Teach students to communicate their needs through music! The Play It social language song from the Tuned in to Learning Let’s Talk download bundle provides multiple practice opportunities to say “I want more please.”

This social language song can be particularly helpful for students with:

  • Autism
  • Speech-Language Impairments
  • Poor Impulse Control

Round up some fun instruments and engage your child or classroom in playing along with the song. When you hear the instruction ‘stop’, assist students as needed to stop playing their instrument. Now they will hear the request “I want some more please” modeled for them in the song.

After the child is able to request more through sign, assistive technology, or their words, they can continue playing along on their instruments. If needed, you can pause the song to give students additional response time. Pausing the song for increased intervals of time can also be a way to build a child’s tolerance for waiting. You can check out a similar social language song called “When I Want” from Tuned in to Learning® on Volume 7: Emerging Speech & Oral Motor Skills.


Play it, play it, fast & slow.
Play it, play it, watch me go!
Play, it, play it, 1,2,3,4..STOP!
So I can ask for more.
I want some more please.

“Play It” is part of the Tuned in to Learning® Let’s Talk download bundle which includes 5 songs, eBooks, videos and more.