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Music Therapy Advocacy Month Poster

We are… Music Therapists! This January we celebrate our profession and role as music therapists with an inspirational music therapy advocacy poster as part of Social Media Advocacy Month.

Click here or on the image below to download the PDF version of the poster.

Music Therapy Advocacy Poster Download 2014 - Tuned in to Learning


Music therapy has come a long way since the 1940’s when the first college training programs were developed.  Now, over 70 colleges in the United States offer the music therapy degree, including graduate and doctoral programs. To many, music therapy is a critical part of their development, progress, and health.  To others, music therapy is still a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Access to valuable music therapy services for clients young and old depends on community support and knowledge of what we do.

The Tuned in to Learning staff includes 11 Board Certified Music Therapists! Each of them has completed a university approved degree program in music therapy, a clinical internship, and a board certification process including ongoing continuing education.  In addition to the development of music-assisted learning curriculum, we provide San Diego-based music therapy services to students with special needs through our agency Coast Music Therapy including IEP-based music therapy, adapted music lessons, and training programs for professionals.

The American Music Therapy Association and Certification Board for Music Therapists are two national organizations that have been instrumental in building music therapy as a profession from the ground up.  Let’s all rally together to continue these efforts, by sharing your voice to advocate for the profession of music therapy.

Learn more about Music Therapy Advocacy Month at the Music Therapy State Recognition Advocacy site including updated blog articles and podcasts.

The 2014 Social Media Advocacy Month theme is “We are…” and will center on exploring and honoring the profession of music therapy as a distinct profession, unique from other professions and professionals with which we work. Throughout the month of January, music therapy bloggers and podcasters will be sharing their tips, thoughts, and ideas on advocacy, on being an advocate, and on being a music therapist.  [from]

Use the hashtag #mtadvocacy to see what others are doing to advocate, or to share your own music therapy story.

By Michelle Lazar