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Freebie Friday! Five Music Therapy Halloween Activities

What better time to turn your screech into a song than Halloween? These music therapy Halloween freebies include chants, rhymes, instrument activities, a song mix, and a resource list of Halloween song stories. The best part is now through October 31, 2013, you’ll receive a FREE “Monster Mash” activity PDF with any Tuned in to Learning online order.

1. Monster Mash PDF Free with Your Online Purchase through October 31, 2013

We’ll help you get your ‘mash’ on with activity ideas, literacy tie-ins, flashcards, and monster masks that all go along with the familiar Halloween song “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. To access this free PDF simply make a purchase of any amount in our online store. After your order is complete you’ll receive an email confirmation with a link to the “Monster Mash” PDF created by Tuned in to Learning®.

Monster Mash Music Therapy Halloween PDF Sample


2. Music Therapy Halloween Learning Rhymes & Chants

Halloween Learning Rhymes Freebie


3. Spooky Sounds

Spooky Sounds Halloween Chant


4. Halloween Song Story Book List

Amazon Listmania Halloween Song Stories


5. Family and Kid Friendly Halloween Song Playlist

Halloween Family Favorites from Coast Music Therapy on 8tracks Radio.