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Freebie Friday! Attention Grabbers for Kids in Special Education

Get your students back on track with these attention grabber chants. There are plenty of things to distract students at the beginning of the school year…new faces, a new schedule, and all the excitement that comes along with it. This free printable PDF with four attention grabbers for kids is a great resource for special education and general education teachers looking for creative ways to capture their students attention and reduce off-task behaviors.

Four Fun Attention Grabbers for Kids to Increase On-Task Behavior

Developed by Autism Specialist and Music Therapist, Michelle Lazar, MA, MT-BC, these rhymes are designed to capture attention, and engage students, particularly in group settings.  Each chant has a fun theme or prop to make them memorable and motivating. The target age range is pre-school through first grade, although some are easy to adapt for higher elementary grades as well.

You can download a PDF version by clicking on the image below.

Attention Grabber Chants- Special Education | Tuned in to Learning

1. Eyes on Me

One, two, three, eyes on me.
Three, two, one, let’s have some fun!

[wear a pair of silly glasses to really get students looking your way]


2. Abracadabra

Time for some magic, around goes the wand.
Abracadabra, your wiggles are GONE!

[use a toy magician’s wand or pointer for you or a student leader to use during the chant. Students should freeze when hearing “GONE!”]


3. Choo Choo

Our train is speeding down the tracks,
Let’s put on the brakes we’re going too fast!
Chugga chugga…

[have students tap their knees to the beat during “chugga chugga” getting progressively slower; at the end hold up a stop sign indicating for students to stop]


4. Quiet Copy Cat

Let’s see how quiet you can be.
Do what I do after me.
Shh, shh (finger to lips), etc.

[demonstrate various ‘quiet’ or silent movements for students to imitate such as rubbing hands together, reaching arms in the air, etc.]


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