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Free PDF – List of Songs for Common Core State Standards

As the Common Core State Standards continue to become a source for the development of special education IEP goals, we’ve just released the Tuned in to Learning® list of songs for Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the area of English Language Arts (ELA). This free resource is ideal for special educators and school districts using the Tuned in to Learning® curriculum Volumes 1-9.

Our team Board Certified Music Therapists work regularly through our agency Coast Music Therapy providing IEP-based services for students in special education. We are commonly asked how music therapy can directly support state standards and specific objectives from a student’s Individualized Education Program.  Although music therapy as a related service must be provided by a Board Certified Music Therapist, teachers and other IEP team members can still utilize songs throughout the week to continue where the music therapist left off!

Instead of music being just a reward for good behavior, a special activity for the holidays, or something to play in the background, we are firm believers in using music strategies that functionally support students’ progress in educational goal areas.

As defined by The Common Core State Standards Initiative:

“The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a state-led effort that established a single set of clear educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts and mathematics that states voluntarily adopt.” 

In this PDF alignment, you’ll find out which Tuned in to Learning® songs from Volumes 1-9 can support the following Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts:

  1. Reading: Literature
  2. Reading: Informational Text
  3. Reading: Foundational Skills
  4. Writing
  5. Speaking & Listening
  6. Language

Because the Tuned in to Learning® curriculum primarily supports students who developmentally are functioning at the early elementary school age level, CCSS grade levels addressed in this alignment references standards in grades K-2. If a grade level is not listed in the alignment, this is due to the fact that the objectives for that skill area are beyond the scope of our curriculum.

View one of the pages from the alignment below and click here to download the full PDF.

Common Core Songs English Language Arts | Tuned in to Learning