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Special Education Music Curriculum-
Ordering Information for School Districts

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Special Education Music- IDEA Law | Tuned in to Learning

Tuned in to Learning® helps school districts meet IDEA and IEP requirements by:

  • Utilizing music strategies that align with functional educational outcomes including common IEP goals, Common Core State Standards, and the California Preschool Foundations.
  • Promoting peer integration in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) with same-aged peers by using music as a motivating, accessible, and age-appropriate shared interest.
  • Offering teachers a way to differentiate instruction for varying learning levels and assure a Universal Design for Learning (UDL).
  • Providing disability-appropriate accommodations to meet student needs when using music including extended response time, visual supports, and simplified instructions.
  • Helping teachers access their students’ strengths, interests, and preferences in an educationally-relevant way.
  • Integrating evidence-based techniques including the use of music mnemonics, scripts, photographic & textual cues, and prompt-fading procedures.

Tuned in to Learning- Trainings and Workshops

Professional Development Trainings

Our team of therapists currently offer special education music trainings in the San Diego County area. Trainings include lecture, demonstration, and interactives covering each of the nine Tuned in to Learning® volumes in addition to focus on teaching protocols and programming for generalization. Email us for more information on setting up a training for your school or district.


While Tuned in to Learning® is the sole source provider for the complete 9-volume (14 item) curriculum, you can also find selected volumes through other distributors. For international orders including Canada, please visit our affiliate Songs for Teaching.