Fall and Thanksgiving Music Therapy Educational Activities - Tuned in to Learning

Fall and Thanksgiving Music Therapy Educational Activities Printable

We’re getting in the autumn spirit with these fall and Thanksgiving music therapy educational activities. Written by Autism Specialist and Music Therapist, Michelle Lazar, each activity in this free printable targets a specific goal area including colors, counting, time telling, and social skills.

Geared towards preschool and early elementary-aged students, these simple music therapy Thanksgiving rhymes can be chanted to a beat or even sung to a simple familiar children’s melody. This free full color PDF resource of fall-themed activities is ideal to share with regular and special education teachers, music therapists, parents, ABA providers, and speech therapists.

Enjoy the four rhymes below or print and share the PDF version here.

1.  Fall Colors

Goal Area: Colors

Red and yellow, orange and brown.
So many leaves are on the ground.
Pick one out and show it to me.
What is the color that you see?

[Use leaf cut-outs of varying colors for students to choose]

2. Turkey Count

Goal Area: Counting

Turkeys here and turkeys there.
I see turkeys everywhere!
There are so many turkeys gobbling at me.
Let’s count out [NUMBER] and set them free.

[Provide an assortment of turkey pictures or manipulatives. During “Let’s count out…” say the number of turkeys you’d like for them to hand you each time.]

3. Thank You

Goal Area: Social skills

Thanksgiving is a time to share.
I’ll find a friend and show I care.
I have something to give to you.
Here you go…. THANK YOU!

[During snack time, have each student give one snack item to a friend such as a pretzel, grape while saying “Here you go.” Have the other student respond “Thank you.”]

4. Turkey Time

Goal Area: Time telling

Gobble, gobble, gobble, squawk, squawk, squawk.
The turkey moves around the clock.
He’ll pass the 12, 3, 6, and 9
And then he’ll STOP!  What’s the time?

[Attach a small turkey picture to one of the hands of a teaching clock. The student moves the hand around until hearing “STOP”]

Fall and Thanksgiving Music Therapy Educational Activities - Tuned in to Learning