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Awareness Month for Down Syndrome Music Activities for Learning

October is Down Syndrome awareness month! For individuals with Down Syndrome music is often a creative outlet, strength, and talent.  Download or print this free infographic “In Tune with Down Syndrome: Five Ways to Use Music in Therapy” to learn how you can use music to help with communication, academics, behavior, and more.We’ve created these tips from a music therapy perspective to show how even simple music activities can be turned into opportunities for learning and growth.  Megan Gilbert, artist extraordinaire created adorable illustrations that go along with each tip.

Five Ways to Use Music in Therapy for Children with Down Syndrome:

  1. Chant math facts, counting, and letter sounds to a beat or sing them to a melody.
  2. Teach piano to help with fine motor skills and color code the notes and keys if needed.
  3. Have your child help you make up new lyrics to a song to increase time on task. For example, see what other actions they can come up with to the song “If You’re Happy and You Know it” such as touch your nose, turn around, etc.
  4. Create pictures that go along with verses in a song and have your student put them in order as the song is sung. The Eensey Weensey Spider for example could be paired with pictures of a spider, rain, and sun.
  5. Say challenging words or phrases to a slow rhythmic beat and have your child copy you.

View the Infographic Below or Download a PDF version here.

In Tune with Down Syndrome- Five Ways to Use Music in Therapy

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