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Back to School Music Activities and Special Discount

Enjoy 20% off your purchases through September 8, 2013 to bring some “sing” into your step this school year! We’ve also compiled some great back to school music resources to help with your planning.

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Rhythm, Movement and Autism

A recent March 2013 article published in the journal “Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience” reviews research related to movement and autism and proposes a rationale for how rhythmic input can improve sensorimotor functioning and overall growth in areas such as cognition, behavior, social skills, and communication.

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iPad Apps to Use with Our Special Education Songs

Ever try using visuals from an iPad app along with a Tuned in to Learning® special education song?  These great educationally-themed iPad apps to use with Tuned in to Learning® songs can help learners apply and generalize their skills. We get asked a lot, “My child memorized the song, now what do …

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