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California Preschool Foundations Music Alignment

Calling all early childhood and preschool special educators! The Tuned in to Learning California Preschool Learning Foundations Music alignment is here.  This free download provides a matrix of the California preschool educational standards and which songs from Tuned in to Learning Volumes 1-9 can be used to support these standards for students receiving special education services.

What Are the California Preschool Foundations?

As described by the California Department of Education:

The California Preschool Learning Foundations outline key knowledge and skills that most children can achieve when provided with the kinds of interactions, instruction, and environments that research has shown to promote early learning and development. The foundations can provide early childhood educators, parents, and the public with a clear understanding of the wide range of knowledge and skills that preschool children typically attain when given the benefits of a high-quality preschool program.

The foundations were developed using an inclusive and deliberative input process, including statewide stakeholder meetings, public input sessions held throughout the state, public hearings, and public comment. Input from the various review opportunities was considered and incorporated as appropriate.

While these learning foundations are not specific to special education, it is the expectation that all students with and without disabilities have access and the opportunity to achieve the same educational standards as their general education peers given the appropriate adaptations and accommodations.

The California Preschool Learning Foundations are broken down into three Volumes and various domain areas:

Why Use Music to Support Preschool IEP Goals and Standards

  1. Per IDEA federal special education regulations, it is the requirement of the student’s IEP team to consider each child’s strengths, interests and learning preferences. For many students especially at a young age, music can be a main learning mode.
  2. Many schools and districts are embracing principles of Universal Design for Learning, which support presenting content in different ways, providing students multiple ways to express what they know and stimulating students’ motivation for learning. The integration of music within teaching and learning is an ideal way to bring UDL to life in your classroom.
  3. Research has demonstrated that music is a unique processing strength for certain diagnoses such as autism, Williams Syndrome, and Rett Syndrome and can also be an effective intervention for learning and development.
  4. The California Department of Education does not advocate for any one specific curriculum to be utilized in order to implement the standards with students.

How to Use the Tuned in to Learning Preschool Foundations Alignment

In this comprehensive 45 page PDF alignment you’ll find:

  • Table of Contents directing you to each domain area (such as Social-Emotional Development or Mathematics) from the California preschool standards.
  • List of the Tuned in to Learning Books and Music CDs included in the alignment (Volumes 1-9)
  • Each section is broken down by:
    -Domain Area
    -Relevant Tuned in to Learning Songs
    -Notes including specific ways to use the songs in support of each standard

Use the Table of Contents to identify which domain area and strand you’d like to target for your student(s). You’ll then find a wealth of song options and ideas for incorporating Tuned in to Learning songs into your lesson plans and classroom activities!

Click here or on the image below to download the full alignment.

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