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Back to School Music Activities and Special Discount

Enjoy 20% off your purchases through September 8, 2013 to bring some “sing” into your step this school year! We’ve also compiled some great back to school music resources to help with your planning.

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Back to School Music Activities | Tuned in to Learning- Music for Special Education

Back to School Music Activities

Here is a list of 5 great back to school theme resources to bring more music into your students’ or child’s learning.

1. Name Game with a Beat by Alice Mosley
Pass around a drum, allowing each student a chance to play/say their name with the beat on a drum. For students who are nonverbal, they can still play the beats to their name, and then say their name after using a communication device.

2. Back to School 8-Song Playlist by Coast Music Therapy
Our very own music therapists created this playlist for parents and teachers to get students in the back to school groove. It’s free to listen to!

3. Musical Team Building Activities by Elementary Matters
Second grade teacher Sally DeCost has a cute list of back to school team building activities including “Musical Shoes”, “Silly Songs”, and “Cooperative Musical Chairs”.

4. Beginning of the Year Piggyback Songs by Kelly’s Kindergarten
Each of these simple songs is set to a familiar tune and gets students involved in back to school topics such as school rules, greetings, calendar, and friendship.

5. Special Education Songs for Classroom Social Skills by Tuned in to Learning
Our most popular volume for helping students get to know each other is Volume 1: Social Skills & Pragmatics for Autism and Related Needs, including the favorites “Getting to Know Someone”, “Look at Your Neighbor”, and “Follow the Leader”.

and don’t forget…

Keep Calm and Sing On! | Tuned in to Learning- Music for Special Education