iPad Apps to Use with Our Special Education Songs

Ever try using visuals from an iPad app along with a Tuned in to Learning® special education song?  These great educationally-themed iPad apps to use with Tuned in to Learning® songs can help learners apply and generalize their skills. We get asked a lot, “My child memorized the song, now what do I do?”Here’s the answer… Adapt, expand, explore!  After your child has mastered the lyrics to their favorite Tuned in to Learning® special education songs, it’s time to test their comprehension and help them generalize the skills they’ve learned.  Here are five recommended apps we’ve found to be a great fit for taking students to the next level.  NOTE: In most cases you’ll want to mute the sound on the app so that you can hear the song playing.

App #1) My PlayHome          

My PlayHome App  

About This App: My PlayHome is like a virtual dollhouse. You can make each character water the garden, make eggs, swing on the swing, etc. This app is full of potential. Use it with songs to have students describe, label, and answer ‘Wh’ questions.

Try it with these Tuned in to Learning® Songs:

App #2) Making Sequences

making sequences app

About This App: This app comes with 15 sequencing photos and allows you to create your own steps, upload images, record voice, and share with others in Dropbox. A Perfect complement to the Tuned in to Learning® “Adapt-a-Song” version of the ‘Sequencing Song’ from Volume 4.  The app’s adaptable features allow you to create stories and visual cues to be used along with the song.

Try it with this Tuned in to Learning Song:

App #3) Sound Touch

sound touch app

About This App: 360 sounds, images, and spoken words of: animals, birds, vehicles, musical instruments, and household items. Use the visuals on the iPad screen along with the songs below to encourage receptive and expressive labeling and identification of preferred items.

This app developer has another app called Video Touch Animals– which would also work well with Volume 7: Animal Song.

Try it with these Tuned in to Learning® Songs:

App #4) Noodle Words

noodle words app

About This App: This highly animated app comes with 18 different action words. Whichever word you click on will illuminate to present the meaning of the word. The action word ‘dance’, for example, shows the animals dancing to music. It’s a great way to expand your child’s repertoire of action words and learn their meanings at the same time.

Try it with this Tuned in to Learning® Song:

App #5) Jungle Coins

jungle coins app

About This App: This app is perfect for teaching about money and a tool for testing for generalization. Use Jungle Coins along with the Money, Money song or before/after to reinforce the lesson.  The app also tracks progress!

Try it with this Tuned in to Learning® Song:

For more educational apps checkout these sites: momswithapps.com, techinspecialed.com, www.theimum.com, and apps4childrenwspecialneeds.com.