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Snow and Winter Music Therapy Educational Activities Printable

Snow is here for many of us and we want to help warm up your winter with four interactive and educational chants.  Written by Autism Specialist and Music Therapist, Michelle Lazar, each winter music therapy activity in this free printable targets a specific goal area including prepositions, emerging speech, sight words, and turn-taking.

Geared towards preschool and early elementary-aged students, these simple rhymes can be chanted to a beat or even sung to a simple familiar children’s melody. This free full color PDF resource of winter and snow-themed activities is ideal to share with regular and special education teachers, music therapists, parents, ABA providers, and speech therapists. Enjoy the four rhymes below or print and share the PDF version here.

1.  Make it Snow

Goal Area: Prepositions

Way up high and down so low
Side to side the snowflakes blow.
Sometimes fast And sometimes slow.
Now show me how YOU Make it snow!

[Use paper snowflakes, white scarves, or white egg shakers]


2. My Snowman

Goal Area: Sequencing, turn-taking, spatial skills

My snowman fell apart oh my!
I need some help before I cry.
Choose something and add it on.
Hurry before the winter’s gone!

[Provide a blank white snowman along with cut-out pieces such as nose, eyes, scarf, arms, etc. In a group setting, each student can add one part than pass the snowman on.]


3. Brr!

Goal Area: Emerging speech, communication, imitation skills

When it’s cold out I say BRR
When I step in a puddle I say GRR
When I slide down a hill, I say WEE
When they ask “Who likes winter” I say “ME!”

[This chant was written to encourage basic speech. Have student fill in the sound effects after teaching the chant to them. Body movement or assistive technology can also be used.]


4. Winter Words

Goal Area: Literacy, sight words

The winter season has begun
We’ll learn some winter words one by one.
Choose a word and put it here.
Read the word and then we’ll cheer. [It’s winter!]

[Offer an array of winter word flashcards for students to choose from. Add fun body movement to the cheer or even use a drum.]

Music Therapy Winter and Snow Themed Chants PDF | Tuned in to Learning - Music for Special Education


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