Volume 3- Daily Living Skills & Self-Regulation Companion

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This companion product to the Volume 3 Book/CD set contains a wealth of printable bonus content which offer a way to reinforce the concepts from the songs throughout the week! Help your students generalize skills by integrating these flashcards, worksheets, and activities into daily rotations, therapy sessions, or group learning.

Please note this CD-ROM is intended to be a supplement to the Volume 3 Book/CD and does not contain song recordings. This disc is used in your computer and contains visual supports in PDF format.

What’s Included?

  • Printable versions of the photo/lyric pages from the Volume 3 Learn-Along Book; ideal for use on interactive whiteboards, making individual student books or inserting pages into plastic sheet protectors for longer durability
  • Flashcards/visual cues, and worksheets or activity ideas to complement the songs
  • Song icons that can be used for choice making or on visual schedules
  • Data sheets to help you track educational progress in both 1:1 and group settings

Computer Requirements

  • Current version of Adobe Reader
  • Quicktime Media Player (for Volume 1 CD-ROM only)
  • Manual start-up of the CD-ROM is required for Mac users by clicking on the CD-ROM file name on your computer after booting