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Tuned in to Learning | Coast Music Therapy Song Team

Our Music Therapy Song Team

Tuned in to Learning® was founded in 2004 by Autism Specialist and Music Therapist, Michelle Lazar, MA, MT-BC with the help of Dr. Jeremy Jensen, Psy.D, Psychologist, and the talented team of Music Therapists from Coast Music Therapy.  This San Diego-based music therapy song team specialize in not only curriculum development but in training special education staff and providing classroom consultation to assist teachers in better utilizing music with their students. In working with a wide range of classrooms since 1999, it became clear that typical children’s music was not often appropriate for the learning styles of children with special needs. Concepts in these songs were too abstract, lyrics were fast-paced and complex, and children only had a few seconds to respond to instructions presented in the song. In order to help fill this need, the Coast Music Therapy staff began to develop educational songs that addressed common IEP goals with simplified language and extended response time. Each song was field-tested directly in the educational setting to gain further feedback from teachers, therapists, and parents who used the program regularly with their students. Visual supports were also designed to match the same types of cues students had access to in the school setting such as flashcards, simplified worksheets, large print text, and real life photographs. Out of these beginnings, Tuned in to Learning® blossomed into a comprehensive curriculum that is utilized today in school districts, therapy clinics, and home programs internationally.

Tuned in to Learning | Specialists in Music Therapy and Autism

Specialists in Music Therapy and Autism

Under the direction of Michelle Lazar, MA, MT-BC, Autism Specialist, our team of Board Certified Neurologic Music Therapists specialize in serving students with autism and other special needs. In addition to publishing songs for special education, our staff also provide music therapy services through the IEP to San Diego county school districts through our agency Coast Music Therapy. Our motivated and musical team of professionals write, record, and produce each Tuned in to Learning® original song. We are always coming up with ideas for new songs, often inspired by IEP goals we are working on with our students.


Michelle Lazar- Music Therapist and Autism Specialist

Michelle Lazar, MA, MT–BC
Autism Specialist, Music Therapist, Founder and Director

After founding San Diego-based Coast Music Therapy in 1999, Michelle co-founded Tuned in to Learning® in 2004 in order to offer music-assisted learning strategies to parents, teachers, and therapists internationally. In addition to her degree in music therapy, Michelle completed her graduate studies with a specialization in autism and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at San Diego State University. Michelle has served on numerous special needs non-profit boards and was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award by the Combined Health Agencies and San Diego Autism Society for her efforts.
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Jeremy Jensen- Music Therapist and Psychologist | Tuned in to Learning

Jeremy Jensen, PsyD, MM
Psychologist, Music Therapist, Head of Music Production and Co-Founder

Already a Music Therapist, recording artist, and sound engineer, Dr. Jensen has also completed his doctorate degree in clinical psychology. He holds a master’s degree in music therapy from Colorado State University and has clinical training in Neurologic Music Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Talia Morales- Music Therapist

Talia Morales, MT–BC
Neurologic Music Therapist, Supervisor and Program Coordinator

Talia is a Board Certified Music Therapist and supervisor to the Coast Music Therapy staff in addition to lending her songwriting and vocal talents to Tuned in to Learning®. Currently, she’s completing a master’s degree in expressive arts therapy—the integration of visual arts, movement, drama, and music to promote self-expression and non-verbal communication. She also provides family workshops in Spanish. Talia has additional certification in Neurologic Music Therapy through Colorado State University.

Shaina Pugh- Music Therapist

Shaina Pugh, MT–BC
Neurologic Music Therapist and Lead Therapist for Coast Music Therapy School Programs

A Board Certified Music Therapist with a baccalaureate degree in music therapy from Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts, Shaina is the Coast Music Therapy lead therapist and accomplished singer/songwriter for Tuned in to Learning®. She serves youth with autism and related needs through individual and group therapy, adapted music lessons, and consultation. After hours, Shaina performs with the Mar Dels,  a San Diego seven-piece nostalgia band whose repertoire covers popular music from the 1940s through the 1990s. Shaina also has additional certification in Neurologic Music Therapy through Colorado State University. Visit the Mar Dels’ Website»»

Veronica May- Music Therapist

Veronica May, Songwriter
Music Therapist

Veronica is a talented music therapist who breathes creativity and innovation into adapted music instruction and music recording for learners with special needs. You’ll hear Veronica’s exceptional songwriting and vocal talents on many of the Tuned in to Learning® songs.  Veronica has additional certification in Neurologic Music Therapy through Colorado State University. Visit Veronica’s Singer-Songwriter Page»»

Linda Martin- Music Therapist

Linda Martin, MME, MT–BC
Neurologic Music Therapist

In addition to being a Board Certified Music Therapist, Linda has served as the autism program coordinator at the Autism Discovery Institute at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego. In her spare time, Linda coordinates a special needs ministry, and reaches out to families abroad through her nonprofit organization, Miracle 139. Linda has additional certification in Neurologic Music Therapy through Colorado State University. Visit Linda Martin’s Special Needs Ministry on Facebook»»

Katie Frankfurth- Tuned in to Learning

Katie Garner
Office Manager

Katie recently graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors in Communication and now organizes every aspect of the Coast Music Therapy and Tuned in to Learning business administration. In her spare time you can find her in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, or at the bowling alley with her family winning league championships.